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Worship Acamy Brochure
Sound Capturing & Music Production Academy Brochure
Discipleship/Leadership Academy Brochure
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To Develop the potential in every born again child of God and thereby perfecting the body of Christ for excellent and effective ministry.
1.. Discipleship /Leadership Academy. 
Focus: Sound biblical Discipleship/Leadership training  with the aim  of releasing the candidates into the work of the ministry in their local Churches or Christian ministries.
2. Academy of Worship.
Focussound biblical teaching of what worship is and what it is not, the role of the Holy Spirit in Worship and practical training and teaching of skills (musical and non-musical) that enhances the spirit of worship.
3. Academy of Sound Capture and Music Production
Focus: Training Sound Engineers (PA System Operators) for churches and Christian ministries.
4. Ministry of Helps/Missions 
Focus: ministering to the total (physical, spiritual and emotional) need of the poor, needy, etc. We work in partnership with Christian and Government Organisations to meet the need of the poor, drug addicts, orphans etc. by supplying food, clothes, medicines & bandages and other needs of theirs.
PARTNERSHIP :Estmos Associates Limited (EAL) does not work in isolation but rather in partnership with individual Christians, church/ministry leaders, churches/ministries and Government Organisations.Our levels of partnership with individual Christians, Church/Ministry Leaders, Churches/Ministries and Government Organisations could be Financial and/or Non-financial.
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